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Highline College Core Themes

One of the tenets of the new accreditation process is for Highline to create core themes.  A core theme is a manifestation of a fundamental aspect of institutional mission with overarching objectives that guide planning for contributing programs and services, development of capacity, application of resources to accomplish those objectives, and assessment of achievements of those objectives. Collectively, the core themes represent the institution's interpretation of its mission and translation of that interpretation into practice" (NWCCU).

Below are listed the core themes of Highline College.

Core Theme 1: 
Promote student engagement, learning, and achievement.

Highline is a learning community where students are empowered to pursue their own educational pathways through innovative curricula, quality instruction, and student services.   Students engage with their peers and community to experience multiple perspectives, practice civic responsibility, and contribute to the global community. 

Objective 1:   Students engage with their curriculum, campus, and community for a meaningful educational experience. 

Objective 2:  Diverse teaching methods, innovative curricula, and student support services fulfill the learning needs of students. 

Objective 3:  Students achieve their goals by progressing on educational pathways. 

Core Theme 2:
Integrate and institutionalize diversity and globalism throughout the college.

Highline is an institution in which issues of diversity and globalism are central to decision-making, integrated throughout curriculum and pedagogy, and considered in all interactions among faculty, staff and students. Faculty and staff are culturally competent, all students progress and achieve at comparable rates, and a positive campus climate exists for all.

Objective 1: Diversity and globalism are infused throughout the curriculum; faculty employ a pedagogy that integrates diversity and globalism.

Objective 2: Student support and business services initiatives successfully meet the needs of students from diverse backgrounds.

Objective 3: The College engages in inclusive recruitment and hiring practices, and fosters a campus climate perceived as culturally competent and inclusive by all constituents.

Core Theme 3:
Build valuable relationships and establish a meaningful presence within Highline College’s communities.

Highline College, in collaboration with community partners, identifies community needs, and develops, implements, and maintains programs based on those identified needs. 

Objective 1: The College communicates effectively with its communities.

Objective 2: The College initiates community connections to understand community needs.

Objective 3: Highline College contributes to meeting community needs.

Core Theme 4:
Model sustainability in human resources, operations, and teaching and learning.

Sustainability calls for policies, procedures, and strategies that meet society’s present needs without compromising the welfare of future generations. Sustainability encompasses the intertwined ideals of viable economies, social equity, and ecological integrity. For the college, sustainability calls for us to use our resources — human, physical and financial — to improve the future success of the college, minimize our impact on the environment, and model sustainability for students.  

Objective 1: The College recruits, retains, and develops a highly qualified workforce.

Objective 2: The College demonstrates good stewardship of financial resources while ensuring sufficient resources will be available in the future.

Objective 3: The College demonstrates stewardship of environmental resources.